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Everything you have heard of Nymfaio is true. It is indeed the most beautiful village of northern Greece. Even if you have seen photos of Nymfaio, nothing can really prepare you for what you will see, when you get there.

Its founders have hidden it so well, that you can' t see it from a distance. On the contrary, you can ride on an endless road full of turns, almost vertical to the valley of Vermio and Verno (or Vitsi), with the smoking chimneys of Ptolemaida in the background and without a trace of residence in the horizon.

When you arrive at Nymfaio, you will only find a huge parking station to welcome you, as also a nice stone building on the gras, the hotel/ restaurant Linouria, which gives you a hint of what will follow.

  Nymfaio is 10 minutes away from Ateron.


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