Alpha Estate

Between the Vegoritida and Petron lakes, right next to the picturesque Amyntaio, Angelos Iatridis and Makis Mavridis have created the ALFA Estate, vineyard and winery.

Authentic Wines

The main characteristic of our wines is the "soul" of the people who contribute every day

After a long and laborious effort to buy the land, plant and build the winery, today its two creators, the oenologist and the viticulturist, can stand at the highest point of the vineyards and rightfully boast of their work!

Alpha Estate

A single vineyard of around 2200 acres that embraces the winery can only be the dream of every winemaker. It gives possibilities for quality management of the cultivation, and consequently of the production, and allows the product, that is, the grape, to reach the processing areas with the least possible inconvenience.

The vineyards extend on a plateau at an altitude of 600-700 and face Vegoritis, the “colorful” lake that has no pebbles on its shores but millions of small shells!

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