Domaine Karanika

The story of Domaine Karanika is rooted in the lifelong dream of two individuals on a quest for exceptional wine.

Authentic Wines

Our story & vision

Founded by Laurens M. Hartman-Karanika, the son of a Greek mother and a Dutch father, and his wife, Annette van Kampen, both of whom spent their entire lives in the Netherlands, their journey into the world of wine began in pursuit of their shared passion and a desire for wines that transcended the commercial norm.

Doamine Karanika

Our winemaking philosophy goes beyond a mere process; it is a heartfelt commitment to honoring the grapes and the land from which they grow. With every bottle we produce, we strive for a minimalistic approach that allows the true essence of the fruit to shine through.

It is a philosophy that embraces the beauty of natural balance and rejects the notion of trying to control or manipulate nature’s course.

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