Lechovo Village


Almost 80 years ago, the mountainous village of Lehovo in Florina was surrendered to the flames and the fury of the conqueror. Today it invites us to follow the organised hiking and cycling routes it offers, in order to understand the value of nature, to learn about the troubled past of the region, with the aim of a peaceful future. The message is as timely as ever.



If you find yourself in western Macedonia, it is worth going up the southeastern slopes of Vernos or Vitsiou, where the borders of Florina and Kastoria merge, to get to know the picturesque Lehovo, with its famous and famous masters – stone masons whose works still adorn the central square.

But not only that. Follow, by walking or cycling, the organised “Peace Trails” around the village, which have been developed in recent years on the initiative of the active “Unitarian Association of Lechovites – Profitis Elias” and funded by the Federal Republic of Germany. Trails that will give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of a place characterised by the intense changes in the landscape. The bare ridges, the dense forests – beech, oak, alder – lower down, the small fairytale lakes Zazari and Chimaditida in the lowlands and of course the small mountain and lakeside villages.