Ktima Kir-Yanni

Ktima Kyr-Yianni vineyards and winery in Amyntaio,
are located in the wine-growing village of Saint Panteleimon on the shores of Lake Vegoritida defined by the mountains of Kaimaktsalan and Vitsi.

Authentic Wines

Enjoy the breath-taking views of the vineyards of Kir-Yianni

The purpose of the winery is to highlight a degraded area, which came to the surface after systematic searches by the founder, Yiannis Boutaris. Today Amyntaio, a traditional but neglected viticultural zone, has now evolved into one of the most promising viticultural regions of Greece.

Ktima Kir-Yianni

The company KYR-GIANNI was founded in 1997 by Giannis Boutaris. With key areas of emphasis Naoussa and Amyntaio, on both sides of Mount Vermio in Northwest Greece, the winery continues a long family tradition focusing on the production of special high quality wines that combine authenticity, character and are an attractive proposition for the modern consumer.

The area is characterized by a special microclimate suitable for wines of high demands, due to the high altitude and the four lakes that surround the wine-growing zone.

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Website: kiryianni.gr