Lakes of

Vegoritida - Zazari - Petres



Vegoritida lake is located in Agios Pandeleimonas village. It is the biggest supplement of the hydrological entity, that covered northern Eordaia in the past. Lake Vegoritida is one of the biggest lakes in Greece, covering 72500 square metres, and is about 50m. deep. It belongs to the andministrative districts of Florina and Pella. It is rich in fish and constitutes a safe habitat for a wide range of rare bird species. It is also a part of the NATURA 2000 network.

Vegoritida is only 5 minutes away from Ateron.



According to some researchers, lake Zazari is a remnant of the old lake of Eordaia. The nearest settlement to the lake is the community of Limnochori. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the lake on your way to Nymfaio. You can visit the lake from Limnochori. It is considered to be the smallest lake of the district of Florina. Many rare bird and fish species live in the lake.

Zazari is about 10 minutes away from Ateron.



The lake of Petres belongs to the municipal department of Petres. It has a total area of 8000 hectares and has been proposed to be an area of community interest but also an important bird fauna region, due to the presence of rare bird species. More than 90 species have been observed and many of them are endangered. The front of the hotel views to the lake of Petres.

Petres is one kilometre away from Ateron.